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Pride of Kashmir: Meet Pulwama singer Dilwar Manzoor who masters multi-lingual lyrics

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Pride of Kashmir: Meet Pulwama singer Dilwar Manzoor who masters multi-lingual lyrics
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4 Nov 2020

With singing as his childhood passion, Dilawar Manzoor from southern Kashmir’s Pulwama district is making his presence felt among the new brigade of Kashmiri singers.

Dilawar hails from Rajpora area of Pulwama and lives and breathes music. His passion for music started at a very young. He had a dream to become a great singer and he seems to be on the right path.

The 20-year-old youth not only masters multi-lingual lyrics but also adds modern peppy vigour to traditional Kashmiri folk songs.

“Earlier, my parents didn’t support my singing passion, but now they also like my songs and await my new songs with curiosity which is a welcome sign,” he says, with a lovely smile.

The vocals of Dilawar Manzoor are highly appreciated by the audience and his performances in his songs have been very remarkable.

He adds, “People used to say bad things about me and my singing but I didn’t give much importance to their comments. I went about my singing without any second thoughts and am confident to excel to promote Kashmir at the international level.”

Over time with his music, he has gained a good fan following for himself. As a young artist in the industry to gain such a fan following and appreciation shows how amazingly talented Dilawar is.

Dilawar Manzoor believes that hard work and will power can achieve anything. And, he keeps working on new songs to keep entertaining his audience and inching closer to his goal.

“Parents should always support their children follow their passion, which eventually results into new and unpolished talent to be recognized and polished into perfection,” the young singer opines.

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