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Pride of Kashmir |Meet rapper Armaan Wani who raps for social issues

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16 Dec 2020

Wani Armaan a.k.a Rapper Ashu is a Rap Artist hailing from north kashmir’s sopore also popularly known as Apple town.Ashu Started his Journey of Rap in 2008 when he first learnt after introspecting that there was something within him about rhyming all the time about every possible stuff.For eg when ever he used to come to home from school he used to call out her mom and say “main ghar aaya tmne khana kyun nahi laaya,mera dost hai aaya,bolo kya hai pakaya?
So after realising this,he came up on some songs of eminem and realised that this rhyming stuff is something that is referred as “RAP”.
So from 2008 to 2011 he gradually tried to learn the art of writing by trying his hand on different topics and in the course of time he got to hear a track from a guy in ¬†srinagar namely SXR.It was after hearing his track that he thought that if a guy from srinagar can record stuff and post it why can’t he do it.
Rap was an alien concept those days in north kashmir as very people listened and practiced hiphop.
Ashu like other started doing rap in urdu,punjabi and english but it was in 2017 after he had alerady released more than 15 songs on audio platforms,he finally realised that it is most appropriate to do it in his mother tongue i.e Kashmiri language and that is when the game changed for him.
He recorded his first kashmiri rap song “Kashmir ki shaadi” which focuses on a very grave social issue of extravagant marriages in Kashmir that has in turn led to late marriages causing lot of problems in the society.The song as Ashu says was based on the marriage of his own sister and his sister’s marriage was the inspiration for the writing of that track.The song became an instant hit as people related to the track and this song was the starting of Ashu’s rap career as a social artist.Ashu then followed it up with “batti gull” which humorously talks about failure of PDD in kashmirAnd then he came up with a song titled “Internetuk sitam” highlighting the plea of kashmiris because of 4g ban.He then came up with a song titled “drug free kashmir” highlight drug abuse in kashmir and now is focusing on highlighting corruption of kashmir in his song “rishwatuk bapaar”.He is the only rapper who focuses on social issues writing them using satire as a tool to convey a message and the only rapper to judge more than 3 offline talent hunts across valley and many online talent hunts too.
He has until now done more than 100 live events and continues to inspire new generation of hiphop listeners and young hiphop artists in kashmir.

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