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Suhail Yousuf Shah | A patriot Attempting to revolutionize people’s way of thinking

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Meet Suhail Yousuf Shah who is Attempting to bring a change in people’s way of thinking.

Suhail Yousuf Shah, 26 , born in Kashmir, is a freelance journalist. He believes in the concept of hard work, dedication and teamwork. He says journalism plays an influential role in creating an image of the nation in society. And considering that India as democracy gives freedom of expression to all its citizens , and given internet-based connectivity and other forms of communication, it’s easy to reach out to millions of people, and that makes it hard to decide what’s fake and what’s not. Suhail harbours a “pro-indian” sentiment and as his field suggests he wants to reach out to people.

Being a journalist, he always paid attention to unbiased and detailed information in it’s true and unaltered manner. He is the kind of person who always speaks out against something wrong.

He has immense love for his native land and he finds it disgraceful when the National Media which is supposed to be the ear and eye of the common people, provides false and fabricated information. For their selfish motives, they have illustrated an evil image of Kashmir. They present Kashmir as a place full of crime and heinous deeds.

Suhail Yousuf Shah wants people to know what Kashmir really is. They should visit it without any fear in their hearts just as they visit any other part of our country. It’s not always what it is made to look like. Kashmir will surely fill your hearts with overwhelming warmth and love. People here will welcome you with open arms.

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