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Pride of Kashmir: Meet Zakir Malik, The young Poet of frontier district of Kupwara

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Kupwara, 25 Oct : Hailing from a small town Trehgam, in the frontier district of Kupwara in northern Kashmir, a young Kashmiri writer Zakir Malik, has published his maiden poetry work as ‘The Wail of the Woods,’ and has yet again came up with another poetry collection ‘Sail of Memories’ and is compiling two books by the Decembe, with an aim to bring a change in the society through his poetry that targets social evils and calls for transforming the society towards good.

Very enthusiastic about poetry and other condensed, precision-based technical writings. His interest moves from Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science to Politics and philosophy in Islam, peace and conflict studies.

Zakir Malik started his reflections of ideas, thoughts on paper since his early childhood. Every verse of Zakir’s poetry reflects his yearning for adequate guidance to dilapidated youth, illustrating new tendencies to direct their energies of thinking and practices to some innovative and decisive deck. Zakir Malik is visionary, a poet of whom, we will hear in future for his ideas are far cultured, and wiser than his youth.

An ambassador of peace hankering for peace, reformation in society, fighting with words for social stratification, stereotypes and the social evils in particular, that still dominate our mind-sets, halt the common welfare and focus on creamy-layer in society.

Zakir Malik inspires his audience by inducing in them a devotion for expertise, knowledge, and Renaissance. He appears to be an inspiration with his vision, insights, depth in understanding the social psychology, and the practical philosophy, the demand of time.

His impressions will be deep on each layer of society, culture and shall encompass the youth from all corners of country, and Kashmir in particular, for his words speak louder than his skelton, tongue, and his personage. His progressive thinking differs him from rest contemporary poets from ends of globe and places him right in front row of skill, ability and professionalism in writing, capturing even the minute facet of catastrophe.

Zakir Malik is really emerging as a new face poetry from the township of fertile land of Trehgam, while being only 24 years old, has a prolific capcity having done Post-Graduation in political science. Braving all odds, he has published his maiden poetry book titled as “The Wails of the woods”.

Zakir Malik is a poet, translator, editor, reviewer, writer, critic, and social campaigner, and a motivational speaker. Zakir Malik hails from Trehgam – Kashmir and had co-authored more than 20 poetry books. His recent book is ‘The Wail of the Woods’. Apart from this Zakir Malik is the founder ‘Kashmir Writers Guild’.

He is the editor-in-chief for Insight Version and International Literature and Art Magazine, Kashmir Poetic Images. Also an editor for Wular Publication House Anantnag. Zakir Malik had been honoured as a country ambassador for Litlight Global Platform. And currently an ambassador to Literary Sparks Pakistan.

Former director for UNESCO to International Youth Development Model United Nations- India, and a permanent member at Jammu and Kashmir Innovative Foundation for Transformation Society.

Zakir Malik is publicity Secretary for Uni4Kashmir innitiative Kupwara of Mehboob Makhdoomi. Also he holds the position of Vice President for Cultural Forum Kupwara Kashmir.

A contributor to Indian Periodical, Inner Child Press International, Literature’s Light, Our Poetry Archive, Bharat Vision, Poets Unlimited, World Taifas Literary Magazine, Paper Castles,, Hum Hum Hindustani, Inside Kashmir, Kashmir Writer’s Guild, Lit Light, Perrichor Pages, a Pakistan based magazines, Oracle Opinion, Pen and Pencil, Sunday Talks, ILA Magazine, Insight Version, Resurgent Magazine, Parliament Times Pakistan, Brighter Kashmir, Kashmir Poetic Images, International Magazine – Cultural Reverence, Poetry Foundation, Bhosphorus Review, Literary Spark, Kashmir Pulse, Soft blow Journal, The Racket Reading Series, The Wular Post and various other states, based magazines.

His verses could also be found in London and USA based online magazines as well. Zakir Malik has completed his post-graduation from Indra Ghandi National Open University and is hounding PhD in Political Science.

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