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Pride of Kashmir | Mohd Mumin Khan Turk is the youngest social activist in Kashmir; started activism at tender age of 15 yrs

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Mohammad Momin Khan Turk is an engineering student from Srinagar District of Kashmir valley Founder and Chairman of United Jammu and Kashmir Foundation NGO a youth based organisation working for people since last 1 year. He is originally from Lalpora Baramullah area of North Kashmir but born and brought up in Srinagar, his grandparents and parents lived in Lalpora area of Baramullah North Kashmir later on settled in Srinagar due to business purposes.

He completed his education till 12th standard in New Convent Hr Sec school and now Pursuing B tech in Galgotias college of engineering Greater Noida (Delhi NCR), He’s popularly called as “Turkey” by his friends as when we spoke to him about this he said he belongs to Turk Dynasty (Karlug Turks) that’s why his friends call him “Turkey”

In a detailed conversation with Mr Turk regarding his activism he said that it was not easy for me to start Social activism at such a young age I didn’t even knew what activism means when I started this I was just 15 years of age studying in 8th class and kids of my age were busy in studies and making childhood memories but I choose a different path, I started my activism with small small activities which I could do at that time like highlighting social issues on media, helping poorer Families with the support of my parents, Reaching out to needy families along with my brother and father in rural areas was the small steps which I could do at that time.

My journey has been somewhat different than other activists beacuse I was involved in both Social and Political activism when I started all this, I started meeting political activists beacuse I didn’t knew whole difference in Social and Political activism generally people here in Kashmir consider both the same but it has a lot of difference, I came in contact with some political activists as well as Social activists and I learned a lot many things with them there are so many people with whom I met and I keep meeting people as I believe sharing your ideas help you to shape a better future and gain knowledge, then I started working with some NGOs voluntarily where I gained social experience and also I came to know about what social issues we have on ground level, It’s a long long story and I have faced a lot of hardships till now, I am trying to tell you in nutshell. I try to help as much people as I can on my individual capacity and I am very much satisfied with what I have done till now I have helped so many people anonymously that me and my Allah knows

While asking Mr Turk about his inspiration, his write ups and Tv debates , he said that He’s inspired by his Grandfather in this world who has helped many people and it’s his prayers and blessings that I have reached here today and about write ups I started writing articles in 2018 and since then I am writing, my writing is mostly based on a message to youth, Social issues, Advocacy of peace and justice and political criticism, and about the Tv debates yes I do participate in Tv debates sometimes beacuse I feel Truth should come out from Kashmir, Some people have become Ambassadors of Kashmiri people without even knowing Iota of Kashmir and kashmiri politics, so I want people like me should come forward to counter them, we have seen enough of bloodshed and violence in valley and whole J&K knows who’s responsible for that ( Keeping names anonymous) we have lost precious gems, intellectuals, who could have brought laurels to J&K but unfortunately for personal gains of kashmiri political leaders they used Kashmiris as Scapegoats and due to which 1000s of youths are sleeping in graveyards today.

While questioning Mr Turk as why he chose Engineering as his profession if he’s interested in Social work and what are his future plans?

He said Engineering is my aim and also dream of my parents but Activism is in my blood and my passion which I can do in any corner of the world, You just need to have a human heart to be an activist so that you could actually stand against injustice and fight against it no matter what, An activist doesn’t see race, creed, cast, colour, religion we are born to help people we will die helping people and about future plans I am writing a book which may take bit long to complete and I will let you know once it gets completed, Me and my team are planning how to help people and we all are busy in meeting with intellectuals to discuss what can be done for the youth of J&K we have so much talent and potential and our heroes need platform for that, He also added that It’s so unfortunate that more than 40% of youth in J&K has been involved in Drugs abuse It’s my hand folded request to all of you please stay away from drugs “You have been given a life to live, Not to Die” serve your parents serve your motherland, try to achieve something make your parents proud If you need any kind of help from me and my team just call us we are always ready to serve the society in every circumstance.

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