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Pride of Kashmir |Najam Qari is an IT professional and full time crochet designer

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Srinagar, 29 Dec 2020

Najam Qari, An IT professional became a full time crochet designer for she believed in giving a form to her dreams. 

In 2015, Najam quit her job as  web designer and began crocheting. 

“I was already into designing and crochet had caught my interest way before I was into it fully. So I started crocheting again as a hobby but this time I was more into it. I resigned from my job in late 2015 and took up my dream activity as a full time career.”

Her designs had unique stitching which caught the attention of her family and friends. The designs got so popular that she started to get orders immediately through only word of mouth. 

“I started making unique things like purses, bags etc which had unique stitching patterns. When it all began, I got much appreciation from people who encouraged me to kick start it as a full fledged business.” 

Later she took to social media and began to receive bulk orders “but soon the 2016 uprising broke out and all her plans went awry”. 

“My work was just beginning to catch up but the Burhan Wani episode took place. Lack of internet facilities and closure of the market was a setback for my growth.”

Najam couldn’t reach her clientele and couldn’t procure the raw material from the market. Though her work from home was going on but the market had crumbled down for her. 

However, as soon as things began to get normal, Najam began her journey all over again. This time she hit it more strongly, this introduced new varieties of her craft which included, mufflers, kids clothing, neck warmers, mittens, skirts, potlis, masks, bed cover etc. 

Making the best use of social media, Najam mostly sells her products through Instagram. She receives so many orders that at times she has to cancel some. 

“I receive a lot of orders. However,  I don’t take more than six orders per day. Sometimes, I have to cancel the orders I cannot cater to all.”

Right now Najam employs nine people which include artisans, accounts person, delivery guys etc. 

“We are a very strong team who teach and guide each other and enjoy their work.”

Najam manages her home and work very easily and believes that every other woman is capable of doing it. 

“So many women out there are managing their home and career, I am not the first one. I have an office set up at home and enjoy what I do and my family appreciates and encourages me for my work.”

For success and prosperity, Najam strongly believes in a mantra of loving her job. 

“Just love what you do. Don’t keep whining about what you don’t have. When you love your work only then only you can enjoy it and then only you will grow.”

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