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Pride of Kashmir: Soliha Shabir one of the Youngest Authors from Kashmir Valley sets an example and inspirational goal for youth

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Meet a “lady with her pen”, Soliha Shabir, one of the amazing and youngest authors from Kashmir Valley.

Srinagar, 12 Oct: Born, 26th May 1998, Soliha hails from Dalgate, Srinagar.
Her father is a hotelier and despite the business background Soliha grew an interest in writing.

She started writing since the age of 15 and with the uneven spills of ink she has become the best of herself and there’s yet to come.

Soliha published her debut book “In The Lawn of Dark” and after a gap of 3 months, her paperback “Obsolete” was out in the year 2020. He books describe the various fields of society and have been a great inspiration for the youth. Soliha has become a known face in debates and events as a guest and inspiring fellow. Receiving guidance from her teachers, Soliha built herself in her passion and soon developed the ambition to become a poet.
In the years of her graduation, Soliha published her books and learned side by side in the organizations like Mashq Talks and Captured Illusions, one of the famous magazines from Kashmir valley.

Her art of the poetry has been to portray the numerous evils and exterminate them by arousing public consciousness and awareness in readers.

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Story by :- Irfan Attari

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