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SC dismisses Wasim Rizvi’s plea seeking removal of verses from Qur’an

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Imposes Rs 50,000 on him as petition cost.

12 April 2021:

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the petition by former UP Shia Wakf Board chairman, Wasim Rizvi seeking removal of certain verses of the Holy Qur’an terming the petition as “absolutely frivolous”, LiveLaw.in reported.

The apex court also imposed Rs 50,000 as costs on Rizvi for filing the petition, the report said.

Rizvi had in March filed the petition seeking deletion of 26 verses of the Holy Scripture.

As per the LiveLaw report, a bench headed by Justice RF Nariman dismissed the writ petition observing, “this is an absolutely frivolous writ petition”.

“Are you pressing the petition? Are you seriously pressing the petition?”, Justice Nariman asked at the outset to which advocate R K Raizada, appearing for Rizvi replied that he was “confining the prayer to the regulation of Madrassa education”.

He submitted that the “literal interpretation of certain verses preached violence against non-believers, and therefore teaching them can lead to indoctrination of children”.

The bench however was not convinced to entertain the plea and dismissed it even as it impoised Rs 50,000 on Rizvi as costs for filing the petition, the report said.

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