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UN Convention reports against China for genocide

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9 July 2020

In a report highlight Genocide of civilians by China’s government, The United Nations Geneva Convention made the following demands:

The United Nations should move to immediately strip China of its participatory status on the U.N. Human Rights Council Panel.

The United Nations should demand immediate, unfiltered access to the entire region of East Turkistan in order to perform independent, unescorted investigations of the concentration camps and factories suspected of using Uyghur forced labor.
In order to facilitate identification of genocidal acts, the United Nations should establish a commission under the joint leadership of the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and relevant international human rights organizations. 
The resultant report should be transferred to the International Court of Justice without delay, wherein a country should be assigned on behalf of the United Nations or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

During the aforementioned commissioner investigation, China should be prohibited from using its economic ties in other countries to influence proceedings by the enforcement of relevant sanctions.
The United Nations must stop Beijing from taking Uyghur children from their families and sending them to orphanages. 
Moreover, children already taken should be reunited with their families.

The advanced technology surveillance system established by the Chinese Communist regime in East Turkistan should be abolished and complicit technology firms sanctioned as in violation of human rights.

 The European Parliament should Immediately develop and enact Magnitsky sanctions against all Chinese government officials involved in the implementation, enforcement, and defense of the concentration camps, as well as any individual employees of companies relevantly connected or blacklisted as a result of relevant corporate sanctions.
The European Parliament should decline to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by Beijing.
The European Parliament should recognize East Turkistan as an occupied territory, as was acknowledged in United States Senate Joint Resolution 111 of 1959, in which it is referenced as a subjugated nation.
All Relevant Democratic GovernmentsThe respective governments of all democratic countries should move to establish missions or consulates in East Turkistan, referred to by the Chinese government as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
The respective governments of all democratic countries should accept Uyghur refugees and accept financial support for Uyghurs fleeing the Chinese Communist RegimeReport proved that China is conducting a genocide with Ughhur . 
China’s actions against Uyghurs fits each elenments of genocide–there are five and if one is happening, it supposed to be called genocide but currently all five are happening.

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