Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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Usman Majid expressed Anguish over the non-seriousness of people about COVID19.

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Former Minister and Senior JKAP Leader Usman Majid expressed his concern over the rising of COVID cases in Jammu and Kashmir. In his statement to RK News, He said it’s unfortunate that people are non-serious over the Corona Pandemic mainly people of Rural Areas. The lockdown is not only for the people living in urban areas but also applicable for the people living in rural areas; He added.

He also showed his concern towards the Adminstration that they should keep eye on those who are violating the norms of the Lockdown and should book them as per as law.  

He Said, While the whole world is fighting with this Corona Virus and people are taking it lightly, it’s very unfortunate that they are weakening the fight against the COVID19.

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